Creativity Freedom,
Competition Freedom

Determine the filter theme you like to compete in the competition which will start in
August - November 2021.

  • Name Card with AR
  • Food with AR
  • Fashion with AR
  • Virtual Tourism with AR
  • Fight Covid MisInformation #TahanDulu with AR

Win A Title, Marvelous Gifts

Grab the winning title and get these prize as follows.
Winner Category:
1. Most Creative
2. Most Educative
Latest submission in 15 October 2021
The winners will be announced in 29 October 2021

3. Most Popular
4. Most Comprehensive
5. Most Outstanding
Latest submission in 12 December 2021
The winners will be announced in 20 December 2021


1. Cash in total Rp 100+ Million
2. Total 5 Hacktiv8 Professional Development UI/UX Class worth up to Rp 45 Million
3. Special Edition Spark AR Labs Merchandises

4. 5 KODE Courses for each participant worth up to Rp 2 Million

Meet 5 Masters of Judges Spark AR Indonesia

Get ready to meet the creators and professionals who are going to share their experiences in creating and innovating using Spark AR.

Tienchai "Tien" Wirojsaksaree
Software Engineering Manager, FRL Facebook
Ancilla Marcelina
Creative Strategist, SEA Facebook
Riza Fahmi
Co Founder & Chief Evangelist Hacktiv8
Noor Bagus
AR Developer & Founder Netramaya Studio
Livia Ellen
AR Developer and Founder of Filterqu

How to Participate


Website Submission
Participants must fill out the participation form on this page and include the filter link that has been uploaded.


Spark AR Creator
Participants must share their filter link to the Facebook Spark AR Creator


Email Confirmation
Participants will receive an email confirmation if they have successfully confirmed their participation.


  • Matches with the theme
  • Use of new ideas or innovations         
  • Development of ideas from the given theme
  • Message to be conveyed (filter as a branding or entertain)
  • Visual creativity
  • Explore shapes, colors and characters
  • Exploration of available tools
  • The difficult technicalities used from the created filter(s)
  • Filters can be used properly and there are no lags/bugs


  • Participants must be following the filter’s themes determined.
  • Participants must upload their filters in the specified period
  • Participants must upload their filters that have been created with their registered Facebook ID
  • One participant can upload more than 1 filters
  • Pay attention to the copyright of the elements used
  • The organizer has the right to use the uploaded filter as marketing content without changing the authenticity
    Participants are expected to publicly open and not make their Instagram account private throughout the whole competition
  • Does not contain SARA, pornography and other things that violate the law
  • The jury's decision for the winner is irrevocable

Competition Submission

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the gift include tax/PPN?
The gift will be borne by the winner.
What is the procedure for the delivery of gifts?
The organizer will contact the winner via email/handphone number
Is there a maximum limit for submitting filters?
No limit, each participant can submit more than 1 filters.
How long will this competition run?
The period of the competition will run from August 31st until November 30th 2021.
When will the winners of the competition be announced?
The winners will be announced a month after the competition is closed at the latest.